Purchasing Questions

When purchasing new or used capital equipment, there are some questions that need answering before you will be able to get a quote that you can count on. Over the years, we have found that there are several basic questions that we ask all potential clients whether they have been looking already or just starting their search for equipment. These questions are as follows:

  • Autoclaves
  • Ovens

Please note that in regard to the heating and cooling systems, our Engineers will need to know what your part and tool load weight and material will be to calculate the heating and cooling systems.

Vessel Requirements:

  • What working diameter do you require?
  • What Working length do you require?
  • What operating temperature do you require?
  • What operating pressure do you require?

Vacuum System:

  • How many Part vacuum lines do you need?
  • Do you require controllable vacuum?
  • Part Thermocouples:
  • How many thermocouples will you need?

Cooling System:

  • Do you need a cooling system?
  • What cooling rate do you require?

Heating System:

  • Do you want to heat with, gas or electricity?
  • What heating rate do you require?

Are you looking for strictly a used autoclave? Note: In some cases a new unit is less expensive!

What Type of oven do you want?

  • Walk-in, Bench top, Stand mounted, or other?

Tell us a little about the Oven Chamber:

What inside clearance dimensions will you need?

  • Working Height:
  • Working Length:
  • Working Width:

Vacuum System:

  • Do you require part vacuum lines? If so, how many:
  • Do you need this oven to be vacuum rated?
    (Example: You will pull full vacuum directly to the chamber as opposed to the part in a bag).

Heating Source Requirement:

  • Tell us how you would like to heat this oven.
  • Do you have a degrees/minute air-heating rate?
  • Do you intend on using Natural gas as your fuel source for heat? If so, do you need Direct fired or indirect fired?
  • Do you intend on using electricity as your heating source, If so, what voltage? (Example: 480/3ph/60Hz)
  • Temperate Uniformity Requirements:
  • What is the maximum operating temperature?
  • Do you know any + Or - Uniformity tolerance?

Tell us a little about what types of materials are being processed:

  • What types of solvents are being inserted into the oven and how many lbs. per cycle? (An MSDS report is recommended on all solvents used)
  • What is the auto ignition temperature of the solvent?
  • How many CFM of make up air?
  • Will this oven need to be explosion proof?


  • What type of controls would you require?
  • Do you want computer controls, or basic Chart recorder?
  • What is the cure cycle requirement?
  • Will this oven be used continuously through out the day? If not, what percent of the day?