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TCS Software

The TCS software supports many devices for I/O (input-output) of control signals such as: PLCs Front ends by Fluke, Agilent, Keithley Chart Recorders with Interfaces PLCs are the preferred data acquisition system. The TCS system can support virtually *any* brand and model of instrumentation and PLC devices, to meet the customers' wishes. Value The TCS system, as with all Taricco Corporation Products and Services provides the customer with the best system and the best value. Taricco Corporation is the Autoclave Industry Innovator and Leader in Process Controls. The following is a sample of the capabilities the Taricco Corporation TCS Autoclave control system has to offer. The TCS system is developed in Microsoft Visual Basic by Professional Electrical Mechanical and Software Engineers with the most experience in autoclave control.

  • TCS runs under Windows 95 or Windows NT workstation or server.
  • TCS stores all data in Microsoft Access format database for easy access.
  • TCS has 6 types of reports from tabular to graphical and can export comma delimited data to floppy or network file for spreadsheet (Excel or Lotus) input. Custom reports are regularly developed in 2 days time for customers. Open access allows customers with VB experience to write their own custom programs.
  • TCS is networkable is less than ½ hour installation time. This powerful feature allows multiple controllers to share printers and databases. This allows the cycle definitions (Recipes) to be stored on a common machine on a peer to peer network. This reduces the need to enter the recipe on each machine. This also makes data archival a snap.
  • TCS presents the user with a simple to use 7 screen interface that is captive so the user does not need to know or access any Windows features. This aids operator interface uniformity and ease of use.
  • TCS is password enabled so that each operator may have varying levels of access and control controlled by the administrator.
  • TCS logs all data and operator interaction for each cycle. This provides complete trace ability. Operators may even enter unlimited data comments.
  • TCS provides for part data entry and serialization for traceability stored in the data log with the cycle data.
  • TCS records the cycle Recipe and stores it with each data run so that the exact Recipe run is always stored with the data and future Recipe editing of same cycle does not cause confusion. This attention to detail is typical of the TCS system.
  • TCS provides for bar code data entry.
  • TCS provides for unlimited recipe and part data entry with no arbitrary limits.
  • TCS has the ability to provide a single screen interface tied to a PLC so that all autoclave functions may be controlled, monitored, recorded and viewed. This eliminates the need for control panels and external devices. This also aids in monitoring and troubleshooting equipment failures during a cycle.
  • TCS can control any number of Temperatures, Pressures, and vacuum levels dynamically.
  • TCS has internal auto tuning for critical ramp-soak entry rate control.
  • TCS can control up to 24 main PID loops internally and 12 auxiliary PID loops internally thereby eliminating the need for external PID controllers.
  • TCS can automatically update current setpoints to external PID controllers if desired by customer for backup or normal control.
  • TCS can be provided with a PLC display interface for manual backup control via the PLC. This eliminates the need for external backup PID controllers and unifies the operator interface.
  • TCS can record any number of pressure/vacuum transducers.
  • TCS can numerically calibrate transducers programmatically in 1 minute.
  • TCS can control any number of remote valves. These can be controlled directly from the operator interface.
  • TCS supports X-Sensors or customizable special I/O channels for customer desired sensor such as custom monitoring. Cycle state based control tied to custom sensors can be integrated with the TCS cycle Recipes to meet customer parameters.
  • TCS is text string configurable. This is a configurable option by Taricco Corporation upon installation, and modifiable by the customer in the future, in less than 5 minutes. The changes will also appear on all screens and all reports and data files. This configuration ready feature is available for all text strings. This extremely powerful feature is the reason why the TCS is easily translated to a foreign language.
  • TCS supports both English and Metric units as a configurable customer option for temperatures, pressures and vacuum levels. If you started with English units and want to go to Metric in the future, 5 minutes or less and you are ready.
  • TCS is power failure tolerant.
  • TCS will automatically recover from any power failure automatically, log the power failure time and continue operation.
  • TCS can store digital photographs.
  • TCS can provide external data to large LED scrolling displays for shop floor visibility of process alarms and progress conditions.
  • TCS is the most reliable Windows based software for autoclave control. Other systems are DOS based or proprietary architectures.
  • TCS is Year 2000 Compliant, and always has been.

Taricco Corporation is constantly evolving TCS™ to continue its superior features and capabilities. No competing system comes close to matching the TCS system in any respect.